Monday, May 16, 2011


Juggling is the art of adding more balls till you almost drop one.

I sent out 152 free copies of Scarab to the troops with the first three chapters of Foundation for the Lost attached. The first taker happened in 30 seconds. After day two, new downloads stopped.

I started my Facebook author page: Scott Rhine, author. When I get 25 people to like it, facebook makes it official. I have about 38 friends so far.

To have a free sample on Smashwords and more to read on podcasts, I'm getting Renee to make up a cover for my 30K word Sci Fi novella "The Icarus Transformation."

Foundation for the Lost update: Thanks to Weston finishing the edits and recommendations for the extra chapters. He gave the new book five stars and laughed a lot. I sent my final draft to CreateSpace for their professional edit: $2000. My hope is that this will be tuition to take my writing to the next level. Everyone I've talked to is skeptical of the price tag. Either way, I'll have something to blog about.

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