Listing by type and series

Medical Thriller:
K2 Virus

Speculative Science Fiction:
Quantum Zero Sentinel

High Tech Sci-Fi Series: 
 Jezebel's Ladder
 Sirius Academy
 Approaching Oblivion

Gigaparsec, Sci-Fi Space Adventure:
 Void Contract
 Union of Souls

Sword and Sorcery Series:
 Doors to Eternity
 Dreams of the Fallen
 Empress of Dreams

Present day, multicultural magic Series: 
 Foundation for the Lost
 The Redemption of Mata Hari
 Clean and Floss
 Children of Ur

YA Fantasy Series "Behind the Walls of Sleep":

Stand Alone near future Sci-Fi:

Stand Alone Greek Fantasy:
 Contagion of the Gods

Stand Alone Short Fantasy:
 Epic Fails

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