Saturday, March 24, 2012

Map of the Northern Empire

This week looks like another 100+ units sold. Now my local librarian is expressing interest.
This is the map of the Northern Empire with all the important sites visited in the "Dreams". Tammy has 18 chapters to edit, and I have one map left. I can't get the cliffs right, but the new calligraphy tips in Paint are cool. I've learned to create my own map symbols by snipping hand-drawn/scanned images. Campaign Cartographer is great for lots of stuff, but it doesn't write in the hi-resolution I need for paperbacks. I might end up frankensteining the next map.

I have about 6 chapters left to write in the sequel to Jezebel. The title candidates are: Mira's Journey, Jezebel's Redemption, Red, Sirius Problems, and The Index Page. It's really shaping up well! I laugh every time I visit with the characters. After I finish taxes, I get to pick out symbols for the cover. I'm seeing space construction, the South Pacific, whales, and a girl in a flight suit.

Monday, March 12, 2012

first hundred seventy-five week

I had my first week with over a hundred sales! 66 Jez, 33 Doors, 4 or 5 everything else, plus 58 Jez and 6 other in the UK -- new market! Feels strange but good. Go KDP Select!

We're six chapters through the final edit of the Doors sequel, "Dreams of the Fallen". The cover looks great! Though the first two books do tell a complete story, I can easily make it a series. The Sarajah character took over the second half of Dreams and would be one of the two main stars of "Queen of the Pirates" along with the new Emperor.

My biggest obsession right now has been "Mira's Journey," where Jezebel's daughter goes to paranormal astronaut school. I'm at 66.5K words and it's still coming out like a fire hose. The best part is that the characters still surprise me. Her advisor, Zeiss, has a random drug test, not a problem for a straight-arrow like him. But he sees that they're now screening for caffeine; Mountain Dew is really bad for astronauts. He asks her to fill the cup for him, and she does it, giggling, just to see him break the rules. It takes him two years to see her as a woman(not a girl prodigy or a student), but then he vows not to reveal or act on it. Everyone who reads an alien page has a unique experience. His has been the most bizarre yet. After Zeiss becomes active, he sleepwalks so he can sleep on her roof--just to be closer. Worse, he emits a song on whale frequencies, and they don't want him to feel lonely. Young whales in a 50 mile radius cluster around their ship. Try to hide that.