Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the first step

I write a book a year. I think they're good, and so do a lot of folks on Authonomy. But good luck getting a publisher. So I'm doing it myself.
I'm going to start with the first book I ever wrote, thirteen years ago, the Scarab. It's a near-future PG science fiction piece, inspired by Heinlein's teen books. I intentend to publish on Smashwords.
After my friend (also an author) Weston Kincade did some editing, and other writers made suggestions for a month, I've decided that it's ready.

pitch: "Get paid to play your favorite computer game, bring your friends. But they didn't mention getting shot at, kidnapped, or arrested. "

When Ground Effect Vehicles become common, military and heavy industrial prototypes are too dangerous and expensive to build outright. Instead, each year, major companies put their latest designs into the Super Bowl of virtual races – SimCon. The entries can use speed or weapons to get ahead. The winners in each class get production contracts and advertizing.

Impoverished mechanic Ethan has risen to the top of the gaming circuit as the Scarab. When he invents a new device that makes him rich over night, he is able to enter SimCon like Cinderella at the ball. He invites his high school sweetheart, a cop, along for the ride. Ethan makes a lot of enemies, including a cyber-criminal named Kali. The challenges of a week-long race across Europe are nothing compared to the dirty tricks, murder, and kidnapping that take place off the track. Even though he is an expert, being a severe hemophiliac means Ethan has to keep his temper under control, and think. Anything can be solved with a little help from his friends and the proper application of high explosives.