Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cover Reveal: Union of Souls

Book 3 of the Gigaparsec series, Union of Souls, just went to my editor. Renee just finished the cover, which represents the Convocation on Giragog, sort of an Imperial Senate meeting.

Reuben Black Ram has been a hacker for Special Forces, a DJ for pirate radio, and a real pirate who hotwires spaceships. The richest Goat in the galaxy, he is being asked to give up everything to save a race of alien mimics and his Human girlfriend. To accomplish this, he must cross Union space to reach the Convocation of Souls. The space battles, spies, and dangerously experimental tech don’t bother him as much as what MI-23 expects of him—to grow up and become a world leader. Reuben still has a few tricks up his bulletproof sleeves, including a psi talent that up until now has only made him an object of ridicule.