Saturday, March 24, 2012

Map of the Northern Empire

This week looks like another 100+ units sold. Now my local librarian is expressing interest.
This is the map of the Northern Empire with all the important sites visited in the "Dreams". Tammy has 18 chapters to edit, and I have one map left. I can't get the cliffs right, but the new calligraphy tips in Paint are cool. I've learned to create my own map symbols by snipping hand-drawn/scanned images. Campaign Cartographer is great for lots of stuff, but it doesn't write in the hi-resolution I need for paperbacks. I might end up frankensteining the next map.

I have about 6 chapters left to write in the sequel to Jezebel. The title candidates are: Mira's Journey, Jezebel's Redemption, Red, Sirius Problems, and The Index Page. It's really shaping up well! I laugh every time I visit with the characters. After I finish taxes, I get to pick out symbols for the cover. I'm seeing space construction, the South Pacific, whales, and a girl in a flight suit.

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