Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Celebration July 20-22

My mid-summer epic release has been delayed, but I want to do something to boost sales and celebrate my pending full-time-writer status. I'm selling about 100 US units a month now of each of my four books that are parts of a series. (Jezebel is selling well in France and England now!) After my success with the "Dreams" giveaway, I found two sites that are rumored to boost freebie volumes by a factor of ten.

They want two days' notice. Since I've missed this weekend, and I got one complaint about "backtracking for plot points and multiple POV in the same chapter", I'm making another edit pass on "Doors" to tighten up. I'll have a minor reissue on "Dreams" for a deleted character who I left in the Cast of Characters page. Next weekend, July 20-22, I plan to do a three day event to give away "Dreams" again. Let's see if I can duplicate last event. If the giveaway is still doing well on day three, I'll extend the offer. Rereading book one of the series is helping me re-affirm key characters in book three (now at 40K words). I am feeling better now about the Traveler series being worthwhile.

So much is happening at once.  I couldn't sleep last night and hand-wrote a key scene in the finale. Pagaose has to choose a concubine at the annual dance of the virgins. No matter who he picks, all the other factions will be offended. He pulls out a wildcard at the last minute who turns out to be a little wilder than he imagined.

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