Monday, August 27, 2012

Barring Unforeseen Disaster

We went to the big library in Anoka yesterday and I checked out ten books on "Arabian Nights" and modern Yemen. Even my son recognized "research for the next book," and graciously loaned me his library card. As I complete the final paperwork for my retirement, I can spend an hour or so each day absorbing desert atmosphere for "Hero of Fire." I've already been brushing up on the Talmud.

I just hit chapter 40 in "Queen of the Pirates". Only 7-10 outlined chapters left. I allow for extra because the big battles I sketch for the end always split into two or three chapters. This one has taken several minor twists even I didn't anticipate. Lady Corrie Evershade is a powerful character and pulls the entire world to revolve around her every chance she gets. I have 14 days till the edit window. Barring unforeseen disaster, I should make it.

Dave Baker, my best friend from high school woke me this morning, calling from his hospital room. After an accident with a chainsaw yesterday, he may lose the use of his right hand. Prayers would be appreciated. The doctors are dealing with the pain, but it was a severe emotional blow as well.  UPDATE: He had five tendons reattached successfully but the nerves carrying sensation from the back of his hand are iffy.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend. My thoughts are with you.