Friday, December 14, 2012

Starting a New Horror Book Starring Nick Solace

I finished the third chapter of my next book today, with the working title "Clean and Floss". The main character, Nick Solace (which he pronounces Soul-less), cleans up paranormal crime scenes for the government.
"It all started when the body dump went south. I was in the middle of simple two-swap favor when I got the call."
It's a lot of fun watching Nick. Like the character in "Gross Pointe Blank", he demonstrated a certain moral flexibility early in life. As a lobbyist, he prides himself on living by a strict 10-point code. Number ten is "Never testify: nothing good ever comes of it." So when a mission goes horribly awry, he has to flee so Senate Oversight can't question him. We don't want Congress to know what's really happening out there. Just when he thinks he's safe hiding in London, he encounters a ghost who's trying to destroy a sketch by Leonardo DaVinci--one he never finished. (left)
"Ghosts require a specialist in abnormal psychology because if they were normal, they wouldn't stick around."

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