Sunday, January 27, 2013

Congrats to Renee for Cover Artist of the Year

I broke a hundred ratings on Goodreads this week! More reviews to come from the 9 books I gave away this month.

I'm rolling on the latest story "Clean and Floss" and having a lot of fun. I'm debating changing the name to Mr. Clean and Dr. Floss, but I have to look into trademark issues. This is going to be my shortest novel so far, an estimated 70 words. I'm at 47K words and have two majors events left in the story. Then I'll go back for the rewrite and add a lot more color/detail. I might need to expand some of the research parts.

I'm picking themes for the cover art now. I'll be working with my award winning artist in two weeks. Renee got the Preditors and Editors 2012 best artist of the year award. (round of applause) She really deserves it.

After that, I'll be planning to give away some ARCs of "Redemption of Mata Hari." None of my KDP giveaways worked--Christmas was dead. I accidentally used one of my last days on MLK day. Virtually no one downloaded this book the first month.

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