Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sanctuary -- Cover Reveal

Workaholic Mercy Smith leads the team that is building the fastest space shuttle ever. Now her friend Red wants to steal the unstable Tetra-1 before all the bugs are worked out. Red needs the information from an orbiting alien artifact to save earth. Mercy volunteered to ride along to prevent the prototype from exploding. She didn’t count on the missiles, lasers, spies, or cute guys that would try to distract her. After landing on the artifact, she discovers there’s a new world inside, one they name Sanctuary. She will rely on her wits and vision to face a series of dangerous challenges that test whether humanity is fit to enter its next phase.

This third book of the Jezebel’s Ladder series is an alien-encounter and coming-of-age story in the tradition of Arthur C. Clarke.


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    2. I just handed off to my line editor for the final clean up pass. I might add my maps of the alien spacecraft this weekend if they don't look too cluttered on the Kindle screen. I've already filled out all the paperwork on Amazon/copyright site and just have to upload the final copy. Sooo close.

  2. Live this morning.