Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cover Reveal: Approaching Oblivion

Whenever Renee sends me a new cover, it's like Christmas. Here is book four in the Jezebel series--Approaching Oblivion. Target release is mid November. With eight chapters to write, I haven't crafted the pitch yet, but here's a teaser:
The aliens who gave Earth so many gifts are termed "the Magi". Approaching Oblivion starts where Sanctuary left off, planning the trip to their final test. Such journeys take months or years, not minutes. Locating and finding how to aid the aborigines will take even longer. Their target is Oblivion B4, the fourth moon of the a gas giant similar to Jupiter. The moon has a maze of cracks on the surface where life flourishes, earning it the name Labyrinth. In addition to the technical preparation required for first contact, we follow Yuki as she replaces an arm, Yvette through a rape court martial, and Mercy through her high-risk pregnancy. Together the women come to the conclusion that the Magi are not as benevolent as they seem. Magi interference seems to repeatedly sabotage their efforts, and more Magi tech must be mastered before they can land. More than one maze needs to be threaded if they're going to succeed in their mission and return to Earth.

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