Monday, November 25, 2013

New Short Story Collection--Epic Fails

I had a lot of fun writing these between books.

Eight epic fantasy stories that have a common theme—failure. Sometimes dark but often funny, these tales paint other worlds where things didn’t work out the way the main character planned.
  • A Lesson in Summoning—an apprentice learns how summon Shrong demons.
  • A Boy with No Name on a Horse Called Spot—a young man must earn his adult name.
  • Cheating Death—an untrustworthy Greek wizard finds a way to live forever.
  • The Loneliness Drug—a new drug hits the market with side effects.
  • Of Mycenaean Men: an ancient foible—a Monty Pythonesque spoof of the Odyssey.
  • Native Intelligence—a teenaged Indian learns magic from his grandfather.
  • Agents of Fortune—an Appalachian witch helps people by listening to the right voice.
  • Zaboath Must Die—a post-apocalypse where one person’s heaven is another’s hell.

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