Monday, October 10, 2011

fantasy maps

After contacting about 6 artists and being summarily ignored, I spent the $44.95 on CampaignCreator 3 (by profantasy), the map CAD tool. The examples looked professional and half the price of a third party.

My Jezebel surge has waned this week: 4 Jez, 2 others, 1 Foundation. but I'm hoping that news of the surge may have bumped me up in the queues for web reviews. One reviewer wants a paperback copy.  Since Tammy should finish her edit of the galley proof tonight, I can order two of the next galley after the changes are in. I can even send a copy to my sister, the librarian in hopes of making the Library Journal. Everything is still exciting.

My working title for book one of Temple of the Traveler was "Houses of the Holy." I'm thinking of changing this to "Where the Heavens Touch the Earth".  I had a Led Zeppelin fan complain. Song titles aren't copyrightable, but I also don't want to hack anyone off. I'm still on target for the December release. I just passed the 80K word mark for the second book in the Traveler series. One of the four threads is done. The characters and places came back easily, even after 10 years. Does that make me a geek?

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