Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Official

Today, I got my first check from Amazon for May-July - $12.93!  That's DQ Blizzard for the whole family )if we use the coupons). In Smashwords, I almost have my three ISBNs paid off (.97 left). Editing/printing/art expenses are a long way off, but I have officially been paid for my work as an author. It feels fantastic. For the first three months, I sold/gave away about 95 units.

For August, things have taken off, about 60 units so far and my first UK sales (thanks to David Green's blog). Two weeks of "Jezebel's Ladder" is responsible for most of that. Of course, due to the skewed Amazon royalty structure, at 70 profit cents each, one sale of Foundation is worth three Jezebels. For now, I'm not worried amount. I'm just happy that I have non-zero reports I can look at every Sunday.

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