Monday, September 5, 2011

Jezebel Cover

Well, Renee at has done it again.
After several iterations, I have what I was aiming for -- Stairway to Heaven meets paranormal spy chick.
It's tasteful but exciting. When I showed my church elder neighbor the cover, he said, "Whoa, that'll sell. Is she like the biblical Jezebel who dominates guys and makes them do things?"

Read it and find out.
Reading this alien manuscript changes you; it can make you a millionaire or mad man. At the lowest point in her life, Jezebel is thrown into a conspiracy to collect its pages.

A Vegas magician’s assistant with a drinking problem, Jezebel is being chased by the men who murdered her fiancĂ©. After she reads an odd, golden page, she wakes with the ability to sense other actives within thirty feet. Each page stretches the mind beyond what our civilization has discovered, sometimes too far. Each could give you the next Nobel Prize or a ticket to the psych ward. Strong-willed, smart, and sexy, Jez acquires pages faster than anyone. She uses her new paranormal talents to climb the corporate ladder. Now, companies and governments are killing people to find and keep the secrets that will guarantee supremacy for the next century. Benny, the handsome former actor, is the only one she thinks that she can rely on, but even he has secrets. Jezebel needs to adapt fast if she's going to survive success.


  1. This cover is the best of all of your books so far, I think. I just reviewed the book on Smashwords at Wishing you all the success in the world, Scott.