Monday, September 12, 2011

Critical Mass

I'm waiting to get critical mass on ideas for my last 20 chapters of "Temple of the Traveler" book two, targeted for Feb. Things are already flowing, because I still remember the scenes I painted 11 years ago, even without notes. But there's a reason I never finished it, so I have to break through that. Meanwhile, I'm back on autonomy with Traveler 1 and reviews are coming in for my older books.

Geeky Girl Reviews gave me another five star review.  Thanks!

One reviewer (out of about 100) flamed me for my Jezebel review request mass mailing. She complained that I wanted them to spend 5 hours on my story, but I didn't want to spend 5 minutes on them. Well, I wasn't sorry for that. She, personally, has never spent 5 minutes on me and neither did 95 of her friends. I have to spend my time wisely. However, I do have to apologize for not sending it BCC. She didn't want her email address broadcast to everyone. I will use the same technique with the troop free book mailing next time too.

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