Sunday, April 15, 2012

first year -- looking back and forward

The rest of 2012, I'm planning to release the sequel to Jezebel (Mira's Journey, draft completed), the sequel to Foundation (Hero of Fire, first chapter written), and Queen of the Pirates (Temple of the Traveler 3).

The previous year of writing books, I've gone from selling nothing the first month to almost 500 in the last month. Wow. The number has been going up by a factor of 1.5 every two weeks. KDP has made a big difference in accessibility, and I've grateful to all the people who've helped to plug my free offers (Indies Unlimited, Weston Kincade, and Facebook friends). I'm also thankful for the people who have responded to Doors to Eternity. Thanks again to my line editor, Katy, for encouraging me to finish the last 130 pages. Splitting the huge 880+ page book after 14 years was rather like cutting apart Siamese twins. Taken together, the two make a complete arc that I'm happy with.

The cool thing is that the characters are still alive to me. In Queen of the Pirates, Jotham will need to fight against the College of Wizards and Sandarac to keep the title of Emperor. We'll see details of the Inner Islands. He gets a little help from his friends, rewarding the loyal and punishing the treacherous. Pinetto will duel the head wizard of the College as the founder of a new branch of magical arts. Sarajah comes into her own as well, gathering followers and acolytes when all she really wants is a boyfriend who isn't half troll. But as always, she does what needs to be done, with humor and the occasional use of thunderous power when men don't listen to reason.

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