Sunday, May 20, 2012

Odd Launch

By the time most of you read this on Monday, "Sirius Academy" should be posted on Amazon. I had several last minute edits and the previewer didn't work well, so I hope the story looks good on the real Kindle. I only had 4 font settings and two indentations (none and .3"), and the output indentation was all over the place. I want to give this away as book two in the series, but I don't want to flood the market with defective merchandise.
(My next post shows how to fix this.)

For my weekly Amazon report, I was disappointed in several ways.
1) they neglected to give me the 70% royalty on 66 "Dreams" sales two weeks after the change was made. Oddly, over a hundred other sales got credited to me the week before. Still waiting on that explanation, that's about a hundred bucks worth.
2) Five copies of Jezebel had the wrong price, a really strange one. They only shorted me 1.10 on that, claiming a price match of 1.89. The only outlet is Amazon, there is not matching to be done.
3) Of the two paperback sales I made after reducing the prices, for Jezebel, they kept the price $3 higher, $4.50 of which was Amazon share, costing me about $1.50. They claim it was my first Extended Distribution sale, but show no record of payment.

I sincerely hope this is not an indication of nickel and dime fights to come.
PS. After two days of discussion, I've found that a) the weekly reports erroneously lump free books together with paid, and b) 1/6th of my sales for my epic series may be to an unknown foreign country. I'd really like to find out who. c) it will take them 3 more days to get back to me on Jez.

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