Monday, May 28, 2012

Top Ten Observations on Amazon Promotions

Top ten observations from selling book two of a series at different times and prices.
1. at 99 cents, 1 in 14 people will buy book one right away.
2. at $3, only 1 in 25 will buy book one. In the UK, however, this is closer to 1 in 10.
3. giveaways on Mondays have 2.5X the volume than weekends for my genres. I think my target demographic is now computer people surfing to avoid work.
4. Volumes on UK weekend sales are so low, anyone can hit top twenty in a category. (17 a day)
5. there are browsing categories for e-books that e-books cannot select (like Arthurian), as well as categories you can select that don't show on browsing (like paranormal). Some of these dead categories have so few books they can't even make a top twenty and should be trimmed.
6. The easiest categories to score in are the least trafficked at therefore sell the least. Do a comparison of number twenty on each target front page. [ see table below. ]
7. Big publishers get to cheat and put their book in 3 or 4 categories, not just 2. (Does "Game of Thrones" really belong in Sci-Fi adventure as well as the other categories?)
8. Past the top hundred in browsing, your book's sales rank number is meaningless. #109 could be 2000, while #110 100K and #111 4000. They are RANDOM.
9. I tend to get better reviews and more loyal fans from weekend readers.
10. there are a lot of quirks in the system. Several paper books show up multiple times in a list, and a lot of books cheat on the category. Several of the Arthurian books are actually "erotica". Some of the anthology books haven't sold a copy yet this year and are still on the list.

GENRE                 RANK of book 20
action adventure 668
children's literature 726
romance fantasy 802
sci fi adventure 879
fantasy epic 1003
fantasy contemporary 1070
world lit mythology 1865
horror occult 3000
fantasy historical 3191
sci fi high tech 3237
mystery thriller tech 4275
horror ghost 4853
short stories 6416
fantasy series 10759
horror dark fantasy 15558
sci fi series 16398
religious sci fi 16666
sci fi anthology 180287
fantasy Arthurian 369692
horror anthology 472480

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  1. Scott, you too can 'cheat' the way publishers do using Shelfari to expand your categories...