Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reading Indie Authors

Now that "Empress of Dreams" is in beta-read for a month, I'm researching Djinnis for my next book "Hero of Fire." I'm ready to start write this week while the kids are at school.

During the lull, since I'm now a full-time author, I decided to check out the "competition".  I started out planning to download 10 and spend $30, but I didn't need to; I just downloaded 7 free top Indie authors from Amazon to my wife's iPad.

My first read was "Child of the Ghosts"-- a girl whose family is destroyed by necromancers trains to become an assassin. The cover was awesome. The premise, the character development, action, and magic were tops. It was a satisfying reading experience. I would highly recommend this author and series. I also liked the link to order the next book at the end.

However, I found lots of simple grammar problems, (listed in my review) all of which could be fixed by another editing pass. My review wasn't unique. There were a ridiculous number of errors for something that's now number 20 on the epic list--not to mention a minor engineering error or two. For example: Ancient Rome and even London at it's colonial height didn't have too many 10 story residential buildings. Taking criticism seriously, like you would at a job, half the reviews shouldn't have to complain about the errors.

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