Monday, April 2, 2012

We Have Sequel!

As soon as I got the last edits from DJ, I took three hours off work to merge, neaten, copyright, and publish Dreams of the Fallen. I was live by the time I stopped for lunch. Wow, I love technology. Of course, I can't edit the files yet to fix the minor problems I found tonight while formatting the paperback. It feels great to have it done. Everyone who likes Renee's great cover, give the book a like on Amazon:

Scarab is on KDP Select as of Friday and selling better than Foundation. I have a giveaway scheduled for this weekend (Easter); however, I want to give away Dreams too. I'll probably save the sequel for the 13th/14th.

I'm only three chapters away from finishing the first draft of "Mira's Journey." Yes, it's taking about three months to write followed by three months to edit each book in the pipeline. My next two book ideas are "Hero of Fire" (sequel to Foundation) and "Queen of the Pirates" (Traveler book three). The epic fantasy is selling over ten times better than everything else, but I think Aaron leading an army of Djinn through the Cinnamon Desert is a better idea. We'll see; I still have to polish Mira and make up time with my patient wife. I see fabric stores and restaurants in my immediate future.

5 star review: Thanks Melinda!

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