Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dreams Giveaway and Alchemy

Well, for the $2 books (selling on the order of 10 a week), there was no change for sales when I raised the price to $2.99. The effect on "Dreams" the sequel to "Doors" from 99 cents to $2.99 cut actual sales by 35 percent and projected by 50 percent. This resulted in an increase in royalties. What did the fall mean, though? Were a third to half of the people only willing to buy at 99 cents, or was the 99 cent list that much better a form of advertizement? Because the other books didn't decline, my guess is the second. How can I prove this? I intend to give exposure another way--the free give-away. I find that the two day give away number divided by ten is a good estimate of how much a book can sell in a week on the 99 cent shelf.
Therefore, I am giving away "Dreams of the Fallen" Monday and Tuesday to give it a boost. Hopefully, all the titles will get drag from this.

What this means long term is that I need to double my sales volume and get health insurance before "full time writer" is an option.

On the new writing front, I'm polishing "Sirius Academy" with help from my friends and inventing new magical rules for "Queen of the Pirates." In the light from the Doors to Eternity, different materials transmute in different ways -- Alchemy. White lotus petals become the precious spirit metal Sesterina. Amber items become hard, unbreakable by spirits. Tiger's eye gems glow for hours when exposed to sunlight. Many things degrade to dust/slime.

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