Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Giveaway Successful

As of last night, 668 people signed up to get the three copies of the "Jezebel's Ladder" paperback. Whoo hoo! These have been signed, lovingly wrapped, and sent off to their new homes. I felt so bad at the disproportionate number that I picked a handful more reviewers who signed up and offered a free ebook. Seven jumped on that, but about two said "paperbacks only." After 18 months on Goodreads, I'm at 99 ratings and 66 reviews. (4.26 average) I should break the hundred ratings barrier any day now! I believe at 500, authors qualify for discussion groups or something. My goal is to get 100 ratings a year, roughly one per title per month.

Once I have the cover updated for Mata Hari (mid Feb), I can have an ARC giveaway for it, too. I'm sure once more people read the Foundation for the Lost series, it will swell in popularity like my other series did. My standalone books, Scarab and Contagion, have been removed from Kindle Select and will be posted to Smashwords as soon as exclusivity expires.

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