Sunday, February 17, 2013

cover reveal "Clean and Floss" plus real lasers

Renee just sent me the cover for my comedy/horror story "Clean and Floss".

Clearly, there's a lot of action going on here, just like the story.
About every three chapters, there's a new incident: car crash, SWAT officer, and then we slow down for a vampire in the basement of a British museum. Through it all, Nick Solace is an unflappable cleaner, ridding the world of any evidence of the supernatural...because there are no such things as monsters.

Book three of my Science Fiction series Jezebel's Ladder, Sanctuary, is going slowly but well. I wrote three chapters of sketch to capture the arc and point of view, expecting most of the battle to be over in two hours. Then I did research on the huge number of space launch sites, the number of satellites and space stations likely in ten years, speeds of missiles, and the range of beam weapons. One push of a button cascades to about five days of weapons exchanged in several waves. I had to plot out the location of ground stations, suborbital launch planes, geo-synchronous satellites, L1, and a couple of planned moon bases. COIL lasers, for example, at around 100kw, can knock out a missile at up to 20 km away. However, moving at mach 20, this only gives the gunner ten seconds to lock and unload. Next, I layered in signal and software warfare. Lastly, exo-skeleton and bio-enhanced hand to hand in spacesuits and drone moon buggies. These chapters will expand into several, interleaved as the heroes try to penetrate deep into the alien artifact.

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