Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Emily's County Fair Photos

My daughter, Emily, takes photos all year to have good ones to enter the 4H photography contest at the fair each. She's definitely evolving. Last year, she took about 200 shots, and this year she took over 1100--that's without a family vacation. Then she had to winnow them down to only five. Here were her final choices.

The first was a rainbow she spotted in a spiderweb after a rainstorm.
The second we refer to as squirrel-zilla, a hungry guy who likes to eat peanuts out of the bird feeder.
This is a spring day in Minnesota, gazing over the deck toward our pond--birches and a pine.
Out of a ton of birds and butterflies, she picked this peacock,
The last one was the hardest. In the past, she always included photos of our cats. This time, she opted for a closeup of a flower.

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