Saturday, July 9, 2011

Explanations for Cover Images

All my covers have been designed by Renee at "". I've had friends ask me why I picked the images I did. We wanted to try to tell a little of the story with each cover, as well as grab some attention. Our average is about five drafts till we're both happy.

  1. Scarab is the a blue-green Egyptian scarab beetle, the main character's online handle/logo in the story. It's a little transluscent at the edges because the armored vehicle is invisible. The 1's and 0's are because it only exists in a computer model, and due to the cybercrimes. Add some explosions and viola. By the way, the scarab pushing the sun is the symbol for transformation, which is the core of this Cinderella story.
  2. Icarus uses the space shuttle launch (a great dramatic image in itself) because of the two launches in the story, a symbolic atom/forcefield because that's what the icarus device is, and a backgroup Mandelbrot pattern because Math is part of everything in this story.
  3. Foundation for the Lost uses a chess board to represent Ryoko, the wizard game of power. The parchment background with the mystic symbol of Metatron stands for the instruction manual for the universe written in 1917. The split shows there are two polarized sides in the conflict, two sides of the Tree of Life. The lightning bolt shows magic in conflict, and jazzed it up.


  1. Great Covers! I think Renee is doing a very good job. However, I wonder about the age warning on Foundations on Smashwords. Aside from a few lewd comments, I don't recall anything that would justify that kind of adult warning. Just my thoughts.

  2. I agree, these are really great covers! Does that mean they will all arrive in paperback form? Right now, I only see "The Scarab" on Amazon. Can't wait to be able to order them (sorry, I don't own a Kindle yet)