Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Icarus Soon

I got a line editor for Icarus--Katy Sozaeva. Weston introduced us. She did a great job cleaning up the novella. Katy even found things the professional missed in the first sample three chapters for Foundation. She's looking over two of my old novels to recommend which one I should polish up next.

CreateSpace gave me two choices when I complained: get $120 back or spend another $2404 on a more complete comprehensive edit to get what I really wanted. (Every writer and English major out there just choked.) Don't worry; I took the money back.

I will put out the novella as soon as my wife Tammy reads over it again for techno glaze over detection. I find that I put too much techno-babble in my Science Fiction drafts and need a non-geek to mark where it gets to be too much.

Scarab is out in Print On Demand format.
Jezebel's Ladder is at 94K words.
Foundation is ready to go with the final cover. I swear, it's ninety percent of the way.
This patience stuff is hard!

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