Monday, January 30, 2012

free give away a success

The "Doors to Eternity" promotion was a success. With a little help from my friends and the facebook/indies unlimited community, I reached #5 on the Amazon free epic fantasy best sellers and stayed in the top ten. I almost cried. Even cooler, I sold two copies of my paperback to people who were interested but didn't like e-format. I made more that day than the month of December.

To be honest, "Doors" is one of my 99 cent "B-side" books. I wrote most of it in my early years. It still has fun characters and action but with rough edges. I started it when I got laid off in 1994 -- 80 pages in one week. But I didn't get serious on the project till 2001 when Eos expressed an interest in my writing. I filled two notebooks (with battle maps) by hand to make it an epic. It still felt like my high school D&D adventures. To make it work, I had to rearrange a lot and polish the heck out of it. I had to make about 9 passes. (Thanks to Katy and Weston). The fact that people liked something that I was afraid to share meant the world to me. I'm unable to post the download count for legal reasons, but purchase ranking is now the same as Jezebel, the best-selling book I have. This tells me that some of the newer stories that I rate the highest (hence the $2 price tag) are likely to get an even bigger audience when I publicize them.

I just started the wheels rolling to get "Foundation for the Lost" taken off itunes and Barnes and Noble -- I never sold a single copy on either site. After a couple weeks, I can put Foundation in KDP premium as well. My only regret is not having Smashwords coupons to give reviewers and Operation E-book drop. I'll have to hand mail pdfs to those requesting or something.

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