Sunday, January 15, 2012

second day tweaks

I just released "Doors to Eternity" last night (99cents).
I'd rate it a 4. The story ends too soon, but I'll have the action-packed volume two out by March. Of course, minutes after posting, I discovered some extra space in chapter 45, better formatting for the cast of characters, and a "b word" that slipped through. Words like ass, damn, and shit can roll off the tongues of soldiers in combat, but I have to have some standards. Unfortunately, you can't post v2 until v1 is approved by Amazon.
I'm also trying KDP Premium out for 90 days.

Next: I'm polishing the sequel "Dreams of the Fallen" for authonomy after I set up the print on demand. This should take about three days. I already know two whole chapters I'm cutting and a few places I'll need to add more details. I can't wait to start "Mira's Journey", the followup to Jezebel.

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