Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reviews and News

I need to write one more page and reread the last two chapters, but I'm about done with the sequel to the epic sword and sorcery novel "Doors to Eternity" I'm planning on putting out this month. Temple of the Traveler was originally one incomplete 74 chapter book that I gave up on from eight years ago. With some encouragement, I've rewritten, and split it into two 51 chapter books. I really have fun writing the climactic battle scenes. It's even more enjoyable when, in the middle of the seriousness, the characters cut loose with something that makes *me* laugh. The biggest surprise was that in the final three chapters, my characters set me up for a possible sequel in this same world--Queen of the Pirates.

About nine months after I released my first e-book "the Scarab", I got a wonderful and unexpected review. He got it, my target audience, a gamer who reads!

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