Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the fuse is lit

I did all the formatting myself for the book, and posted it to Smashwords. You can pay someone, but I stopped just short of my PhD dissertation in Computer Science, so I figured I could handle it.  The instructions were very well written. The submission queue took over 5 hours. That's okay because it took me longer to decide on the price ($2), and whether I should cut all the swear words (I did). I went to bed right after I verified the automated formatting. My only complaint was that the PDF output doesn't start with the cover page. When I read the manual again, they explained that you can always insert your cover manually, but this generates two covers in the Kindle format. Ick.

When I woke up, I had my first sale! By dinner time I had a second.  It feels fantastic. I haven't disabled the automated email that tells me about every sale. It's like a positive stroke each time I check my mail. Next, I sent out 50 invitations to bloggers to review my story.

I have 12 downloads now, and 2 very nice reviews (4/5 stars). Two more blogs said they would be glad to review me once I'm on the premium sites. That should be by April 10th. I feel like I waiting for a baby to arrive. They come in their own time, and we have no control.

I already have a goverment ID card for the little one:
ISBN: 978-1-4524-9618-4


  1.'re on your way!


  2. Nice social number for the little one, Scott.