Thursday, May 26, 2011

Progress Report

Jezebel's Ladder is moving along nicely at 48.5K words. I'm about to write the climactic sex / gang war scene that's been building for 24 chapters. Weston should have the edits for Icarus Transformation done in a few weeks. Renee (the Cover Counts) sent me the draft for the cover, and it (to quote facebook comments) kicks arse.
I got an email from my best friend, Nick, that said the sky was falling. He's an eccentric mathematician who works for the spooks in Washington. It was so big that the server crashed. When I got back from lunch, the FBI was hauling away evidence. Everyone and everything that touched this mail is getting disappeared except a senator's aide. I need to figure it out before they get me, too. It has something to do with Unified Field Theory, and a new equation he called the Icarus Transformation.

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  1. I chose your blog for an award. Come check it out =)