Monday, June 20, 2011

so close!

This weekend, we hooked up Scarab for print on demand. Tammy wrote my author bio and chose the background colors. She even insisted on/chose the author photo. I should get the proof copy back some time in the next 9 days.
I even recorded the first 30 minute / 2 chapter audio book episode for Scarab, but I need a way to send it to that McAfee will allow. Tammy has offered to read the books aloud with me, a team project.

Foundation for the Lost is all ready to go in every format (smashwords, amazon, print on demand) as soon as I get the cover. Renee started on that officially today. I did all my own interior drawings using a CAD program.

I combed over Icarus again, 55 pages -- better than I remember. I might charge 99 cents. Who knows? I'm waiting for an editor or at least proof reader on this before I release it.

Jezebel's Ladder is at 69 out of the target 80K words for the first draft.

Did I mention that I've started accumulating notes for a sequel to Foundation tentatively called 'Hero of Fire'? Aaron is now an outcast, barred from entering New Salem. He has to find some way to break in before Rose has the twins--no one else would survive the firestorm of their delivery. He has to learn an entitely new set of rules, as well as how to overcome an army of djinn. I usually collect notes for 6-8 weeks before writing the first word.

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