Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jezebel Draft One Finished

I just finished the first draft of Jezebel today! It integrates my authonomy posting with Icarus converted to third person 2011. There is way more sex and violence in this book than I intended. But I'm going to need help deciding what (if anything) to cut. Tammy will be my usual first reader. Then, I'll send it to Katy for line edits and consistency. Stacy, a friend who normally reads romances may critique it next. I have to ask DJ to look over the science, and Weston for the overall. The more eyes the better.

Before writing the last chapter, I re-read it all, and trimmed a few loose ends. I wanted to hold it all in my brain while I wrote the closing. Several scenes evoked strong emotions. When I wrote the last paragraph,  the name Benny chose for his daughter actually made me mist up -- Miracle Redemption Hollis. The story ends with girl on the cover of Time magazine with the one word headline "Miracle".
It wasn't the ending I told Weston I had in mind. But the finale I described to Weston was actually the ending of the girl's story. 576 double-spaced pages was enough for this book. For thrillers, I have to learn to focus the scope on what is happening over just a few days.

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