Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Temple of the Traveler

I had an epic fantasy, over 250K words long written between 94 and 2004. This was during the break for kids. It changed a lot from the first draft. Originally, one character was warrior and priest. That made too many superlatives. Splitting the character made much more sense. The seed for the whole story was a picture of the Jain temple on Mount Girnar. Anyone could visit and leave offerings during the day, but at night it was the City of the Gods. I took that idea to an entire empire and pantheon of gods. I even redid calendars and coins. The problem now will be naming the two books which combine to make Temple of the Traveler. I think they will be Houses of the Holy, and the Answer.
I made a first pass at the split and reduced from 139K to 131K words. I have also scheduled edits and art for volume one. I still need to get maps and to finish volume two. Expect this one closer to December.

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  1. Wow, great to see so many books coming out so quickly. Hope everything works out.