Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reading for Writing

Weston has finished his pass over Jezebel. Two other editors are about 100 pages away. The romance reader didn't get past the first chapter. I want Tammy to read it as well (which could take the longest with her schedule). Being an English major turned therapist, she has valuable insights. Once I decide the final name for my villain agents, polish one last time, and get the cover, I'll have another e-book!

I've switched my reading to old Jack Vance and David Eddings, authors who know how to make the land and culture a living part of the story. Then, I'll dissect the first book of Traveler, where the kingdoms are also characters. I split it in two because of Print on Demand. I could have a unified book for $21 or two books for $13 each. My odds of getting a purchase are much better in the second case.

I keep laying awake, though, thinking about the first scene of Hero of Fire, where Aaron comes back to the mortal realms as a lightning bolt.

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