Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Going to the Library

Well, I've been a "professional" writer for six weeks now. How's it going?

Since I started last April, I've sold over 6700 books on Amazon and given away over 12000. 7000 of those were from one promotion of "Dreams of the Fallen". The Traveler epic series has waned over the year and now Jezebel has heated up to become my bread and butter. So why aren't I working on the third book in that series to cash in? I only have three pages of notes for "Sanctuary" because something else lit my fire this month--Djinn. I've had enormous fun detailing the rules, variations, and propaganda surrounding them. I just hit chapter 20 in "Hero of Fire" and the hero is about to strike back. Writing is a great job. I get to study reams of literature and try to recast it in a way that has a life of its own--much more fun than listening to presidential debates.

My most exciting news this week is that the local library has stocked one of each of my paperback books! The first one checked out was the first to become popular, "Doors to Eternity." The librarians there know my family by name. Nancy, the head librarian, asked me to join a local authors event in November and offered a chance to sell some of my books. Great opportunity... but authors seldom know what sells or how much it will sell. I put Doors out at 99 cents initially because none of my friends or Eos wanted to be bothered, and then it hit the top twenty. I'm still scratching my head. So I've decided to bring about 10 copies of Doors because it's a crowd pleaser, 10 of Jez because its hot right now, and 5 of Foundation because it's my favorite. I don't care about the quantity sold because it's really an excuse to talk about writing. Anything I don't sell I can donate to other libraries or give away on a friend's blog.

Renee (the Cover Counts) was already slated to cook up some cards for me at the same time she does the cover for "Hero of Fire". This way, whenever someone is interested at a party, the post office, or on vacations, I can hand them one. This is starting to feel real.

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