Monday, October 8, 2012

New Release -- Empress of Dreams

Book 3 in the Temple of the Traveler series has been posted -- Empress of Dreams.
Originally written in 1996-2001, the first "book" was written to be standalone; however, it was far too long for one volume. When people liked my other books, I polished this work, added 150 pages, and split the living child in two. The first volume, "Doors to Eternity", reached number 16 on the epic fantasy list by accident when I gave the second volume away as part of a promotion. This even changed my life. I put in for early retirement as a programmer soon after.

This third volume was spurred by two lines in the second book: Queen of the Pirates, and "being a king is like digging a latrine for the whole country." I decided to examine what their happily ever after would be like for the survivors of "Dreams." Originally called "Queen of the Pirates", there wasn't quite enough pirate and the tale ended up being more about Pagaose's trials. A certain minor character hijacked the entire middle of the book. During her first scene, you'll know who I mean. As research, I read such diverse books as "the Bad Popes" and "the Joy of Sex". Try to combine those in your spare time. This book went into edit the week I transitioned to writing full time. I've been told it's the smoothest and raciest so far--adult and humorous without being too explicit.

Priest, eunuch, and history teacher, Pagaose is rewarded by the gods for his good deeds at the conclusion of the epic fantasy “Dreams of the Fallen.” Reshaped into the perfect image of an emperor, Pagaose is dropped from the sky and given three miracles to guide mankind through the three generations with no contact from the gods. While the College of Wizards plots to discredit or kill him, Pagaose must rally the aristocrats by picking a suitable Empress candidate from each country. Each woman offers him alliances as well as enticements that disturb his dreams—each woman, that is, except the one he wants. Meanwhile, the ruler of the north plans to invade the island of Center, and a nightmarish dragon terrorizes the Inner Sea. After the first few days, this doesn’t feel like a reward anymore.

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