Monday, June 9, 2014

Cover Reveal: Shaman

Here is Renee's latest, the cover for Behind the Walls of Sleep 2: Shaman.
Daniel is training to become a shaman and living on the Dakota reservation with his grandfather. As a member of the thunderbird people, he can visit a shared dream world and meet others like himself. Over summer break, he takes a road trip to New Orleans to rescue a sixteen-year-old girl from the Dark Tree Coven. Daniel knows he’s going to be grounded, but promises his cousins that the adventure will be worth the punishment.
What follows reads like a Native American “Blues Brothers” with a trained raccoon.
“We have the raccoon and the police gear. All we need is a net, an acetylene-propane torch, forty feet of rope, a Bavarian cream doughnut, Karo syrup, and red food coloring.”

Sioux, shaman, dream, dragon, YA, adventure, coming of age

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